Arthur Bell
Hip Hop
Intro Hip Hop
Thu   6:00 pm   to 7:00 pm

Arthur Bell began dancing his freshman year in high school. As he was waiting for the bus, a group of his friends were dancing around on the stage in the quad after school. One of which approached him and suggested, “You should try it out, Art!” 

Ever since then, Arthur’s dance career has taken off into a world he never imagined. He later co-founded his high school dance team Natural VibeS. After graduating high school, he went on to dance with his college dance team at San Diego State University, Intrinsic. During that time he also danced with South Bay San Diego’s Pride Rice Dance Company (Now RYPE’s Dance Company at The BOX Dance Studio). Also, Arthur was privileged to be a back-up dancer and choreographer for Filipino celebrities including: Billy Crawford, Mark Bautista, and Iya Villania.

In January 2011, Arthur joined Culture Shock San Diego (CSSD) under the direction of Sherman Shoate. Later that year he became Artistic Director for Future Shock San Diego (FSSD). In 2012, Arthur moved on to dance with Super Galactic Beat Manipulators (SGBM) under the direction of Jay Vaughn and Cye Bongalos, while still directing FSSD (until Summer 2013).

Arthur continues to dance with SGBM, and with a “project team” called The Black Diamonds. His current dance training is influenced by fellow/former instructors: Sean Memije, Sherman Shoate, David “Darkie” Simmons, and Cye Bongalos.