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Brian "BG" Geonanga
House Level 3
Tue   6:30 pm   to 7:25 pm
House Level 2
Wed   6:30 pm   to 7:25 pm

Brian "BG" Geonanga first started his adventures in dance at the age of 6, inspired by Michael Jackson, his first influence. He was always attracted to any type of dance he was exposed to in his adolescence. From music videos on MTV to seeing b-boys get down at the local recreation center. As life progressed he witnessed more styles of dance through meeting fellow freestyle dancers all over San Diego. His first style of dance that he started training in was popping, which he learned from watching Mr. Wiggles videos and dancing with fellow poppers in high school. Around the same time he got his first taste of House Dance going to actual house parties and then to actual events in Southern California where house music was played. It was there he was exposed to another form of dance that he felt he really resonated with.

It wasn't until after high school where he started training more consistently in House Dance with his good friend Vinh Nguyen. Together they met more house dancers at multiple events and eventually met Odie Kim, their first teacher from San Francisco in 2005, who exposed them to the real house culture. The rest is history and he has been dancing ever since.

His dreams and goals with House Dance are to recreate the sensation he felt, the first time he saw real House Dance, in anyone who is willing to learn. Inspiring and guiding anyone who is hungry to learn with what he knows is his ultimate aim. Giving the gift that he was gifted is what keeps him going. He believes dance in general is one of the best free therapies you can apply to your daily life and his treatment of choice is House Dance.

BG's teachers/influences include: Odie Kim, Jzon, Brian "Footwork" Green, Shan S, Caleaf, Tony McGregor, Brooklyn Terry, Ejoe, Hiro, So Deep, Babson, Yugson, Michel "Meech" Onomo and all of the originators of House Dance.