Brian "BK" Kim
All Styles Hip Hop
Youth All Styles Hip Hop Level 1
Sat   12:30 pm   to 1:25 pm

Brian 'BK' Kim found dance in high school way back in 2000 and danced for his high school hip hop dance team at Aliso Niguel High School until he dropped out his junior year. He also danced for a team called UYA (Urban Youth and Asia) for a little bit until his life took a different path. Proceeding that, he joined a youth troupe by the name of Velocity Dance Troupe. He was then discovered by a collegiate dance team called Common Ground in 2005, who believe "in all steps and aspects of life, we found a common ground thru dance". Retiring from the competitive dance scene in 2009, he continued his love for dance thru exhibition teams and projects, such as: Surreal, People Say I Move Funny, Swaggabots (shout out to Angela Lin and Jeff Losaria), Hall of Fame, and Urban FX. He's been an instructor for hip hop, popping, and krump at Culture Shock Dance Center since June of 2014. Angie Bunch discovered him at Pride Festival where she witnessed his choreography on stage firsthand. Her first words to him were 'I want you' and it scared him; but today, he offers private lessons for hip hop and popping of all levels. Hit him up.