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Christian Lumba
Urban Choreography
Hip Hop
Urban Choreography Level 4
Thu   7:30 pm   to 8:25 pm
Intro to Hip Hop
Thu   6:30 pm   to 7:25 pm
Cardio Hip Hop Level 2
Sat   10:30 am   to 11:25 am
Urban Choreography Level 2
Sat   11:30 am   to 12:25 pm

Christian Lumba began his dance journey in 2006. At first dance was just a thing to do on the side, to keep him busy, to hangout with friends, all that good stuff. His junior team history consisted of MLC, NiDC, and IDK (all based in the roots of the Southbay dance community). As things progressed, dance become more and more essential in life and before you knew he knew it a geniune love to move was found. After high school, he joined the San Diego's very own 220, which he is still on and currently directing. As an aspiring high school science teacher, his mission is to be an advocate for being a successful dancer while maintaining a stable/self providing career.