Christiana "Nana" Behnke-Simmons
Baby Garoove (Prenatal, Newborns and Parents)
Hip Hop
Island Fusion
Island Fusion Level 3
Mon   6:30 pm   to 7:25 pm
Cardio Hip Hop Level 2
Mon   5:30 pm   to 6:25 pm
Baby Garoove (Prenatal, Newborns and Parents)
Tue   4:30 pm   to 5:25 pm
Hip Hop Level 3
Thu   6:30 pm   to 7:25 pm
Youth Hip Hop Level 2
Thu   5:30 pm   to 6:25 pm
Cardio Hip Hop Level 2
Fri   5:30 pm   to 6:25 pm
Island Fusion Level 3
Fri   6:30 pm   to 7:25 pm

Nana is a dancing globe trotter with more than 26 years of international and professional dance experience. Starting with Hula on Hawaii at an age of 2 she never stopped dancing and learning dance cultures all around the world such as Flamenco, Ballet, Tap Dance, African Dance, Belly Dance, Polynesian Dances, Dancehall, Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Hip Hop and more. Winning national championships with her Hip Hop crew and placing 4th on the world champioship, working together with many international choreographers, artists, ZES, creators of fitness and dance formats she gained and brings along a lot of professional dance and stage performance coaching knowledge. Her classes NanaDance are a joyful dance party in which she shares her love and life time dance experience and travels around the world with you. Her Jawaiian Jam classes bring you to da island and everybody receives da true paradise vibe! Join her Zumba® fitness classes and enjoy creativity and passion combined in a true dance party! Her choreography classes can range from easy and fun to pretty challenging depending on the level of her particpants. What ever Nana dances, teaches and shares it’s ALWAYs from the bottom of her heart for YOU!