Connie "MzClassy" Garnes
Hip Hop Burlesque
Hip Hop Burlesque Level 3
Mon   7:30 pm   to 8:25 pm
Hip Hop Burlesque Level 3
Wed   6:30 pm   to 7:25 pm

Connie "MzClassy" Garnes has been dancing for over 15 years training in various styles. Her passion for dance was birthed in Detroit (her hometown) where she studied ballet, jazz, and hip hop. As she developed as a dancer, she took a keen interest in hip hop, burlesque, and heels. She has recently concentrated her efforts on developing a unique fusion she calls "HipHopesque" (Hip Hop Burlesque) where Burlesque and Hip Hop collide.

Her passion derives from the the unfiltered emotion dance allows one to express. Her teaching style and personality has been identified as an empowerment tool for many dancers of all levels. As founder of MzCDance, Connie seeks to encourage others to be true to themselves, flaws and all, and express that truth through the art of dance.