Culture Shock Dance Center

Culture Shock Dance Center is San Diego’s premier dance training facility.  Our goal is to give dancers of all levels the best training and most useful tools to fulfill their potential in fitness and dance. There are no other dance studios in San Diego that offer the diverse programming and professional level of classes and instructors as Culture Shock Dance Center.

We offer classes for all levels ranging from youth classes, beginning adult classes to professional level master classes.

Culture Shock Dance Center programs offer one of the most extensive dance programs in Southern California. The San Diego Union Tribune refers to Culture Shock as the "epicenter of hip hop dance in San Diego". Classes include all levels of Hip Hop, Breakdance and Cardio Hip Hop. Other classes include Contemporary, Belly Dance, Burlesque, BRO-lesque, HEELS, Open Floor, House, and Tribal Fusion. Many of these classes are taught by working professionals, dancing, choreographing and directing in the entertainment industry. Our youth program offers 8 or 9 week sessions in Hip Hop, Break-Dance, and Popping.

Culture Shock Dance Center is the home of Shock Army and Culture Shock Dance Troupe, a nonprofit professional hip hop dance company as well as youth outreach dance teams Afta Shock San Diego, Future Shock San Diego, Mighty Shock San Diego, and Mini Shock San Diego.

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Culture Shock Dance Center is permanently closed for business.

CSDC UPDATE: We are officially closing out our communications today but will leave our Instagram and Facebook pages for memories. Please follow @cultureshocksd on Instagram to stay connected. Thank you for everything, Shock Fam! Much love to you & your families this holiday season!


About the flooring, "The best floors in San Diego"

Dance is a very physical activity that requires a lot of jumping, which can put stress on bones and joints. Most dance footwear does not provide any cushioning or support, so the shock of dance movement can place a lot of pressure on the knees and back of a dancer. The best way to prevent against potential injury is by choosing a studio with a professional “floating floor”. A floating floor is a dance floor that rests on a system of high-density foam, to absorb the shock of jumping. A high-density foam base is superior to a “sprung” floor, which usually consists of a wood structure built on the regular floor.

At Culture Shock Dance Center, we have taken it a step further by installing the latest technology in floating floors, the Neoshok Flooring System, a floating sports floor that offers high resiliency, uniformity and the best shock absorption on the market today. Built on a multiple layer polyurethane pad, the floor is topped with a high grade maple finish that allows for versatility, durability and a safe surface. This surface combined with our sub-flooring will reduce injuries and fatigue. It quite simply is the best dance floor you will find in San Diego.

Studio Sizes:
Studio 1: 2300 sf
Studio 2: 1250 sf 
Studio 3: 915 sf
Studio 4: Not available at this time
Studio 5: Not available at this time

Artists and Artwork

The Culture Shock Dance Center is proud to display the Lobby Artwork of the MP5.  MP5 is comprised of the following artists:
Romali Licudan
Ronald Recaido
Isauro Jr. Innocencio
Verrell Abella



2110 Hancock Street #200
San Diego, CA 92110
United States
Phone: (619) 299-2110