Cybele Peña
Hip Hop
Latin Fusion
Youth Latin Fusion Level 2
Mon   4:30 pm   to 5:25 pm
Latin Fusion Level 2
Wed   7:30 pm   to 8:25 pm
Youth Hip Hop Level 1
Thu   4:30 pm   to 5:25 pm

Cybele Peña has been teaching dance to youth and adults for 17 years. As a teacher for Arts for Learning San Diego, she has taught short and long term residencies in schools all over San Diego County. She danced and performed Afro Cuban traditional dance for ten years. She trained as a dancer in a school for traditional arts in Caracas, Venezuela. She has also danced and performed Puerto Rican Bomba (with Bomba Liberté and Areito Botincano). She is passionate and inspired by all forms of dance as well as the stories, history, and culture that come with the dances.