Dom Hausley
Youth Open Styles

-Dominique Haulsey is a New Jersey native! His mom moved him and his sister to Oklahoma in 2005. Dom is mostly a self taught dancer. Although, he didn’t start dancing until after he graduated high school at the end of 2010. In 2011 is when he started taking dance seriously and entered his first jam on his birthday after his brothers introduced him to a fellow dancer who brought him into the battle scene. After that he was hooked!! The first style he started with was popping. However, in 2015 he began to really fall in love with breaking! 1 year after he began breaking, a crew named The Bronx Boys Rocking Crew added him to the family. TBB is one of the most influential crews in this thing we call hip hop! Established in 1975, only two years after hip hop was created, the crew has been a growing family ever since and is one of THE MOST historical crews ever. In 2017, Dom was added to Fairly Odd Crew (est. 2015). Dom, also known as D’cypher, is a new addition to the San Diego dance community. He’s been battling almost every weekend, and keeping it true to himself and where he came from. You can see it with how he carries himself through his dance! Dom has won various events throughout Sam Diego since moving here, and is slowly making a name for himself as of recent. He’s super excited to spread the knowledge and history of the dance to the next generation!” * * Dom has won the following recent battles: 1. Back II Breaks vol. 1 Toprock Battle 2. Back To The Elements Art Show 1v1 Bboy 3. Paradise Hills Night Market 4. Back II Breaks vol. 2 Battle for the Belt 5. 2v2 Break 5-8 Concrete battle 6. Berry Fresh Jam 2v2 Open Styles Battle 7. Berry Fresh Jam 2v2 Bboy Battle 8. Wild Nation Camp 7 to Smoke *