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Dyno Rock
Youth Breakin Level 1
Tue   4:30 pm   to 5:25 pm
Youth Breakin Level 2
Tue   5:30 pm   to 6:25 pm

Dyno took his first step into the cypher at the age of 12 and has not stopped getting down since. Always seeking to learn and bring more to the table - one of his goals is to connect the dots by inspiring curious young learners to dig deep and research their own experience as artists, to create/uncover their own identities in the culture, to be themselves within the process.

While the in-class training focuses heavily on the physical aspect: warm ups, foundational technique, drills, form(s), conditioning, body mechanics and ´╗┐of course musicology, cypher etiquette, art of battle; he always encourages students to seek out and learn from the elders of the culture, learn the history beyond textbook, become a part of the story. A great start is to attend the many cultural events the community has out there (local, regional & international).

Aside from teaching classes at CSDC, he is currently involved as a Teaching Artist with Arts 4 Learning SD where he teaches at several schools throughout San Diego (K-12), he also organizes community events, workshops, and projects with @CYPHERST8.

What’s next? Stay tuned and contact him at