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Dyno Rock
Breakin (Break Dance)

Joseph “Dyno Rock” Corrales took his first step into the cypher at the age of 12 and has not stopped since. He sees the world as one big cypher where everyone has an opportunity to elevate and seek their life purpose.


Dyno has adopted a circular process of learning, traveling, and teaching which gives his life a fluid rhythm. He has a range of respectable mentors and teachers to keep this flow going.

In 2012, Dyno earned a B.A. in Sociology / Personality & Social Psychology (SDSU). In the following years, he moved to learn and gain a certificate in Nonprofit Management from San Francisco State University. He then spent a year teaching in Urban Education at Elmhurst Community Prep Middle School in Oakland, CA through Citizen Schools where he earned a certificate in Coaching. This is where he developed a unique teaching approach that encourages collaboration, problem solving, communication and innovation through learning how to break.

Dyno rocked his way up in the cyphers and competitions on a local and national level for the last 15 years earning titles such as “Cypher King” and “Footwork Fiend.” His recent and biggest accomplishments required a journey of sacrifice and a desire for wisdom from the greats & pioneers. This resulted in placing Finals at the national Footwork Master competition MASSIVE MONKEE DAY 2015 (Seattle, WA) last April and The International “Focus on Footwork” Battle at The Notorious IBE 2015 in Holland, Netherland last August. He is still hungry for more.

When he is not getting busy in the cyphers, you can find this dinosaur with his love in deep nature, drawing, cooking, or building something.

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