Eddie "Bianca" Madueno
Hip Hop
Hip Hop Burlesque
Youth Hip Hop Level 2
Mon   5:30 pm   to 6:25 pm
Hip Hop Level 3
Mon   6:30 pm   to 7:25 pm
Youth Hip Hop Level 1
Mon   4:30 pm   to 5:25 pm
Youth Hip Hop Level 1
Sat   10:30 am   to 11:25 am
Hip Hop Burlesque Level 2
Sat   12:30 pm   to 1:25 pm
Youth Hip Hop Level 1
Sat   11:30 am   to 12:25 pm
Youth Hip Hop Level 3
Sat   1:30 pm   to 2:25 pm

Eddie "Bianca" Madueno is a native San Diegan, teaching youth and adults Hip Hop at Culture Shock Dance Center.  Eddie has been a performing member of Culture Shock San Diego for the past six years and has been contributing  choreographically and with costume designs for the past two.  Eddie also assists with San Diego’s award winning youth troupe, Mighty Shock!  Eddie is passionate about sharing his love of dance and sees himself with a long career in choreography and performance!