Jahdai "JK" Jackson
Stepping Level 3
Thu   8:30 pm   to 9:25 pm

Jahdai was originally from Virginia and moving back and forth at a young age, my dance has a few influences. He has been dancing since as far as his memory goes back, teaching himself all the way up until he was around 20 years old with his major influences coming from stepping, partying, and dance movies. After settling down in California, he started connecting with other dancers around his high school who were also freestyle dancers. Through them he learned about battles and events, places to grow and test his skills. His first dance event ever was World of Dance LA ‘14, which got him hooked. In 2015 he entered his first real battle outside of the comfort of school at World of Dance San Diego. Since then, he decided to take the battle and freestyle scene seriously and push himself within that aspect of dance. As his hunger for grown and knowledge increased, so did his training and circle of friends who were all on the same path. Years later, in 2017, he got put on Wild 7s/Wild By Nature Freestyle crew to aid in spreading the knowledge of  hip hop dance and culture around San Diego. In 2018, he joined Culture Shock San Diego, his first hip-hop/choreography team to learn both sides of the dance world and and the history behind the choreography scene today. Later that year, he won his first 2 big Events, Culture of 4 and World of Dance LA. In 2019, he became a 2x champion for Culture of 4. From there he was fortunate enough to travel to China and teach Hip-Hop, Freestyle, Afro, Popping, and his favorite Stepping. He also battled in Beijing and won Dance Vision vol. 3.  As his name began to spread in Asia, he went back 2 more times to teach and enter events.