Jeffrey Ross Abella
Desk Staff

Jeffrey Ross Abella was born in the Philippines and moved to San Diego in 1998. At the age of 9, he began dancing simply mimicking movements by watching music videos each morning before heading to school.

In January 2009, Jeff joined one of San Diego’s most reputable junior teams, Indecisive Dance Krew (iDK). It was on iDK where Jeff had his first experience learning and receiving training from various choreographers within the Urban community. After high school, Jeff moved on to dance with Fam Royale’s very own Super Galactic Beat Manipulators (SGBM) directed by Justin Jay Vaughn and Cye Bongalos. On SGBM Jeff focused more on Urban Choreography as well as expanding his movement in other styles such as hip-hop, house, locking, grooves, and many more.

Currently, Jeff is a part of KreativMndz Pro Division, an elite mentorship program in Burbank,CA focused on industry training under the direction of Kolaine Marks and Antoine Troupe. As an aspiring teacher, student, artist, and mover Jeff is eager to learn from the best and is extremely excited to take his dance journey to new heights.