Jonny Dupre
All Styles Hip Hop
Hip Hop
Youth Hip Hop Level 1
Thu   5:30 pm   to 6:25 pm
Youth All Styles Hip Hop Level 2
Thu   4:30 pm   to 5:25 pm

For the last 10 years Jonny has taught hundreds of dancers on three continents his interpretation of the art of Poppin’ and Lockin’.  Jonny has always maintained that the true beauty of these art forms lie in the foundations and the roots of the movements.  His teaching style allows each dancer to develop these techniques while establishing their own identity and personality within the dance itself.

Having trained with some of the greats, Poppin’ Pete, Skeeter Rabbit, Mr. Wiggles, and Jr. Boogaloo; Jonny’s desire is to share what he has learned with the next generation of up and coming dancers new to the Hip Hop scene.