Moana Rakanace
Urban Choreography
Urban Fusion
Urban Choreography Level 2
Fri   5:30 pm   to 6:25 pm
Urban Fusion Level 5
Fri   6:30 pm   to 7:25 pm

Moana started dancing at 8yrs old, doing strictly Ballet, Tap, Jazz, and Polynesian Cultural Dancing. She later joined UDMC, Point Loma High School’s dance company. From there, Moana started taking classes at Culture Shock Dance Center and switched over to Hip Hop. She joined iDK (who is now ill Habits) in late 2005. She was on iDK for 4.5 years then joined SGBM in 2010, and signed with Bloc Talent Agency in 2013. Moana has been on SGBM for 8 years, going on her 9th. She is now the Director of SGBM and has been directing for the past 3 years.