Phase Two Reopening!

San Diego County has been taken off of California’s monitoring list. With this news we are reopening for live classes on Monday, August 31st. Smaller size classes will be held in Studio One. 
Visit for the full schedule & please reserve your spot in advance.

CSDC LIVE Dance Class Schedule:

9:00am Cardio Hip Hop w/Anthony Rodriguez
10:30am Jazz Funk L-2 w/Anthony Rodriguez
4:30pm Cardio Grooves w/Matt Phelps
6:00pm Grooves L-2 w/Matt Phelps
7:30pm Hip Hop L-3 w/Ramon Ivey

9:00am Ballet L-2 w/Darren Oei
10:30am Contemporary L-2 w/Darren Oei
4:30pm Cardio Hip Hop R&B w/Christian Lumba
6:00pm Choreo L-3 w/Christian Lumba
7:30pm Burlesque L-3 w/Anthony

9:00am Cardio Hip Hop w/Anthony Rodriguez
10:30am Burlesque L-2 w/Anthony Rodriguez
4:30pm Cardio Hip Hop w/Sherman Shoate
6:00pm Vixen Burlesque L-3 w/Bianca Madueño
7:30pm Choreo L-4 w/Sean Memije

9:00am Jazz L-2 w/Jenn Lang
10:30am Heels L-2 w/Jenn Lang
4:30pm Hip Hop L-3 w/Moana Rakanace
6:00pm Hip Hop L-1 w/Art Bell
7:30pm Choreo L-4 w/Austin Edwards

9:00am Choreo L-3 w/Kris Wagner
10:30am Jazz Funk L-3 w/Kris Wagner
4:30pm Hip Hop L-2 w/Sean Memije
6:00pm Cardio Burlesque w/Bridget Savant
7:30pm Jazz Funk L-2 w/Jordan Bautista

10:30am Choreo L-2 w/Christian Lumba

Reserve your spot & check instructors at 

▪️Students are spaced 8ft apart with only 26 spots available per class.

▪️Face coverings must be worn at all times.

▪️Temperatures checked & hand sanitizer required at the door.

▪️No walk ins or observers allowed.

▪️Studio is cleaned between each class.

▪️Check in & payments are contactless.

▪️Our large fans have been removed to restrict the spread of germs.

▪️San Diego County Safe Reopening Protocols followed & monitored closely.