Serenity "Hood-Lum" Harding
Desk Assistant Manager
Desk Staff

Dance graced my life at the age of two, when I discovered my mom’s high-heels and put on a show. Smart and loving mom she is, she signed me up for Ballet. Later came Freestyle, Jazz, and team competitions; where I co-led our team to a Sweepstakes Title and a performance at Disneyland.

After a serious injury left me unable to dance, I pursued an education in Business and Law at Michigan State University and the University of San Diego. Ten years later, dance surprised me with a comeback, and at the direction of Melissa Adao, I discovered Culture Shock. Since then, I’ve trained in almost every style we offer, including Arnel Calvario’s Roots Before Branches Locking Workshop and a Master Class taught by a Hip Hop pioneer, Zulu Gremlin. In 2014, I guest performed with Ladylike in Kayla Remo’s “Creepy Contemporary” piece; and in 2016, I met my Locking family as a performer in Culture Shock’s “A Hip Hop Nutcracker”.

Today, I am the Assistant Studio Manager for Culture Shock Dance Center, Stage Manager for Cabaret Nights, and Assistant Director for Shock Army in its debut season. It is a joy to educate and share in the growth of others. I hope to continue to encourage each person to find their own unique path with Hearts & Hugs :)