Serenity "Hood-Lum" Harding
Operations Manager
Desk Staff

I've moved through the ranks over the years, and currently serve the CS Family as Assistant Manager for the Dance Center and Assistant Director for Shock Army.

Dance has blessed my life for more than 30 years, and I am honored to have trained in a multitude of styles with amazingly gifted teachers. I have competed, performed, taught, and led teams throughout the years on a variety of levels; but first and foremost, I will always be a student of the craft and share it with others. I find my educational and experience in Business and Law, help me cultivate a unique eye for the artist in a professional world.

Apart from dance, you'll find me: grumpy in the mornings (until about Noonish), reading or writing when most are sleeping, and chillin' with God.

Next time you're at the Studio, hit me up, and I'd love to swap stories! Hearts & Hugs :)