Troy Wilson
Assistant Studio Manager
Desk Staff
Hip Hop Burlesque
Hip Hop
Hip Hop Level 2
Mon   5:30 pm   to 6:25 pm
Hip Hop Level 1
Tue   7:30 pm   to 8:25 pm
Burlesque Level 3
Tue   8:30 pm   to 9:25 pm

Troy E. Wilson has been dancing for 10+ learning and growing into his craft.Years of development as a Choreographer/ Dance Instructor / Dance Artist and Mentor. His dancing and training started at the age of 14 at Coronado Middle Schools Performing Arts Academy. Over the years he has gained an educational appreciation for the arts and giving back to the community. In high school he studied at Coronado School of The Arts, which he emphasised on musical theater and dance. At this school is where he developed and learned; Choreography Techniques, Staging Techniques, Theater Practicum, Audition Prep, and Teaching As A Profession. Over the years he has worked with Coronado High Schools Dance Division, Coronado Middle School Performing Arts Program, Mater Dei Catholic High Schools Dance Division, Mar Vista High Schools Dance Division, Silver Strand Elementary, Grossmont High School, Chula Vista High, Bonita Vista High School, The Origin Hip Hop Performance Academy, Heartbeat Dance Academy, SoKaliente Dance Company and many more. He has trained at many dance studios across San Diego County & LA County: Culture Shock San Diego, Studio FX, Academy Of Performing Arts, Kruciaal Element Dance Company, MLC(Music Learning Center), A Time To Dance, Majesty in Motion, IDA, The Basement, Millennium Dance Complex, and Debbie Reynolds. Troy has also performed with numerous dance teams over the years, gaining a stylistic background: IL2D/ Kreative Direction, D.o.C (Definition of Creativity), Pixie Stixx Burlesque Troupe, LVs Island Fusion Project, MzCDance Project, Ramon Ivey Project. Troy is currently establishing to be a outreach dance consultant, following in the footsteps of his Mentor Melissa Adao. By being able to inspire the community and share his passion and creativity to varies dance studios and institutions alike. Recently Troy has performed in Ramon Ivey’s Dance Project “Performance 101”. This Fall Troy will be a featured dancer in Culture Shock Dance Centers Fall Cabaret Show. Troy’s currently a Sub Instructor, Teacher Assistant, Desk Staff & now Scholarship Coordinator at Culture Shock San Diego. Troy feels he can bring a high energy and creative dynamics; and by embracing our inner passion for dance, anything is possible