Vinh Nguyen
All Levels House
Thu   7:30 pm   to 8:25 pm

Vinh Nguyen (aka Vinh SOL) was introduced to dance back in the early 2000’s through attending large electronic music gatherings and it was here he gained exposure to the underground dance culture.  Originally started off with popping with inspirations (through videos) such as Mr. Wiggles, Poppin Pete, Skeeter Rabbit and Popin Taco to name a few.  This was all before YouTube and the advent of media accessibility.  Continuing down the path of underground music gatherings, he got exposed to the house music/dance culture.  Him and his good friend, Brian “BG” Geonanga, met Odie Kim (Flo-Ology / Bay Area) at one of these electronic music festivals and it was there they first got exposed to house dance foundations.  Odie Kim was his initial house teacher and later on went on to include many of the teachers listed below; most notable Brian “Footwork” Green and Meech Onomo.   

Vinh is one of the founders of Good Vibrations – California’s longest running house session.  He also started the first house class in San Diego back in 2009.  Presently he still manages Good Vibrations and also is part of an eclectic artist collective known as Styles of Eon; which includes dancers, visual and digital artists and DJs.

Vinh fell in love with the house culture for its communal aspects and spiritual element of connection to one self, each other and everything in between as a whole.  He hopes that by spreading house dance/music culture; he can inspire and introduce others to this type of connectivity

Teachers / Influences: Brian Green, Kim Holmes, Future EOF, Odie Kim, Jardy Santiago, Shan S, Caleaf, Tony McGregor, Meech Onomo, Brooklyn Terry, Ejoe, and Marjory Smarth.